GTV Live | Watch Gazi TV Live Cricket (জিটিভি লাইভ খেলা দেখুন)

GTV Live is the first sports channel in Bangladesh. GTV Live officially launched on June 12, 2012. Among many sports channels, GTV is one of the most popular TV channels in Bangladesh to enjoy live cricket matches. All cricket matches are streamed live on GTV Live.

GTV Live is a popular sports channel in Bangladesh. GTV also known as Gazi Television is a Bengali language digital cable television channel. Cricket matches are shown live on GTV, for which everyone in present day Bangladesh likes GTV live channel. But how to watch GTV live channel through mobile ?, many of us do not know. Friends, so today I will show you how to watch GTV Live Cricket Sports on mobile.

How to watch live cricket match for free?

There are many ways to watch all the cricket matches live for free. To watch GTV Live for free, while the cricket match is live, first search YouTube for "GTV Live", then at the beginning you will be able to watch live GTV live streaming videos. If you play the video, you will be able to watch the cricket match. But often not all cricket matches are shown on YouTube. Cricket Premier League matches are not shown on YouTube. GTV keeps YouTube off. Now to watch GTV for free you must enter this website Rabbitholebd, many cricket matches from Rabbitholebd are shown for free. Again many matches are not shown. 

This is why you need to buy a subscription from Rabbitholebd and enjoy live cricket. There are many Third Party Apps for watching GTV Live for free. You can watch GTV Live for free through those apps.

GTV live cricket match

Nowadays, we all want to watch live cricket matches on mobile, watching GTV live on mobile seems to be our addiction. After watching TV around us, we often watch cricket matches on our mobile phones. We are so busy with different things that not everyone can watch the game live on TV. This is why we all want to know how to watch cricket live on mobile or computer. We all want to watch GTV live on mobile to watch cricket matches. But many of us do not know how to watch GTV on mobile. To watch GTV Live on mobile you need to watch Gazi TV live streaming from their website or there are many apps. 

You can watch GTV live or live cricket match through this application. Or you can go to Rabbitholebd website and open an account. And you can enjoy free cricket matches. However, many times you have to buy a subscription to watch cricket matches. By buying a subscription for this you will be able to watch live cricket match live streaming from Rabbitholebd in a very easy way.

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Popular sports channel in Bangladesh

  • T Sports
  • Gazi TV
  • Maasranga TV
  • Channel 9
  • Bangladesh Television (BTV)
  • RTV

Real Also: 

Watch GTV Live on YouTube

  • First go to YouTube
  • And search for "Rabbitholebd Sports"
  • First you can watch a channel.
  • Enter Rabbitholebd Sports.
  • First you will see GTV Live.
  • And be able to enjoy live cricket matches.

Watch GTV channel live on Android apps

You can watch GTV live cricket matches directly through Android apps. There are many apps for friends to watch on GTV channel, through which you can watch live GTV live streaming and cricket matches or watch GTV live. Usually you can't find the apps for watching GTV Live in Google Play Store. Apps for watching cricket matches or live GTV should be downloaded by searching Google. I will share with you the names of some apps for watching cricket matches or GTV channels. You can download these apps by searching on Google. With these apps, you can watch all the sports in the world, including cricket matches, all the sports channels. 


You can watch various popular sports channels including GTV Live. These are AOS TV, HD StreamZ, Hotfilix BD etc. All these apps allow you to watch cricket live. If you want to watch GTV live. And if you don't understand today's post, how to watch GTV Live, then there is a Bangla post written about GTV on our site for you. You can easily watch GTV Live by reading this article. For this you have to wait 30 seconds in this post and click on the link given below.

GTV Live Bangla

Last word: - Friends, if you have read today's post perfectly well. Then I think you can watch live cricket live streaming and watch GTV live. Because today I have shown you all the details, how you will watch live streaming cricket matches and watch live GTV channel.

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